Here at Clark M Long Biogold Original, we are proud to stand behind the Biogold name when it comes to fertilizer. Biogold Original, as well as other Biogold products including Super Biogold, Motohi, and Vital are all perfectly balanced for their intended purpose.

The Biogold Original fertilizer is an organic bonsai tree fertilizer that aids in healthy root development and flower growth. Meanwhile, Biogold Classic ‘Motohi’ is an organic fertilizer and growth stimulant that is designed to be mixed into the potting soil. Super Biogold is an excellent choice of fertilizer for flowering plants, and Biogold ‘Vital’ is a growth stimulant full of amino acids and vitamins for plants. Whichever Biogold fertilizer or growth stimulant you choose, you can rest easy knowing you are working with one of the top-rated fertilizers for bonsai, flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Shop below!

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