Why Bonsai Growers Love Biogold Original Bonsai Fertilizer

Bonsai trees are like a piece of artwork. The more beautiful the bonsai is, the more it is worth both monetarily speaking and sentimentally. The same goes for age. A one-hundred-year-old unique painting that is sold long after an artist is gone is worth exponentially more than a mass-produced painting. When well-cultivated and cared for bonsai trees have been sold for upwards of a million dollars, it is hard to fathom the care, dedication, and time spent creating that small-statured tree. One thing is certain, though. Without the right fertilizer, a bonsai tree will likely not live to an old age. Baby bonsai trees are delivered to garden stores by the truckload, but few will live longer than a year. Only those given the best bonsai feed and care will thrive.

At Clark M Long Biogold Original, we specialize in providing bonsai enthusiasts with the organic fertilizer and soil they need to help their bonsai grow and remain healthy throughout changes in the weather, repotting, pruning, and other issues a bonsai might face in its day-to-day life.

What Makes Biogold Bonsai Fertilizer So Special?

Biogold Original is a go-to fertilizer among bonsai growers because it is specifically formulated for bonsai. We don’t want to discount other high-end fertilizers on the market, but at the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all fertilizer. A fertilizer might work wonders for shallow grass roots but prove useless for deep-rooted trees. Bonsai require the nutrients that a large tree needs but also have very small root systems, and finding a fertilizer for bonsai that nourishes these elements is essential. Biogold Original does just that.

Biogold Is An Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers not only keep your plants healthy, they also keep your pets and children safe and are fine to use on fruit-producing bonsai (or elsewhere in your garden). But that isn’t the only benefit of organic fertilizer. Organic bonsai fertilizers do not form a crust on top of the soil like some chemical fertilizers do, ensuring that your soil continues to drain and disperse water properly. They are also less concentrated, meaning there is virtually no risk of “burning” your bonsai with too much fertilizer.

The Slow-Release Fertilizer Requires Minimal Maintenance

When it comes to plants, bonsai are relatively high-maintenance. After all, you are continually pruning and shaping a full-size tree to remain small. However, with Biogold Original, one thing you don’t have to worry about is fertilizing your tree often. The pellets are shaped like flat triangles, making fertilizer run-off virtually non-existent compared to the typical round pellets you’ll find in most fertilizers. The pellets are also designed to slowly release nutrients over time, meaning you will only need to add fertilizer to your bonsai every 45 to 50 days. Not only does this make it easier on you, but it also means that even a small bag of bonsai fertilizer will last quite some time.

Try Biogold Original Organic Bonsai Fertilizer For Yourself!

See what all the hype is about and try this amazing fertilizer for yourself. We have bags in small, medium, and large sizes as well as a current 2-bag special with free shipping! Have this special Japanese bonsai fertilizer sent right to your door from Clark M Long Biogold Original!