How To Choose The Right Bonsai Pot Online

Here at Clark M Long Biogold Original, we offer everything you need to help your bonsai look and grow its best. When it comes to buying bonsai pots online, you might find yourself looking for a pot that you like the style of the most or that speaks to you. While this is fine, be sure to also consider how the pot will harmonize with your bonsai. After all, this pot will be your bonsai’s new home and choosing a pot that works with your bonsai, not against it, is key to creating a beautiful combination.


The size of the pot is the most important feature when choosing a bonsai pot because your bonsai will not survive in a too-small pot. In general, the pot should be as deep as the trunk is wide at its thickest point (not including any above-ground roots). When repotting a young tree, it is best to choose a slightly larger pot to encourage the tree to continue to flourish. When repotting a mature tree, you can opt for a similarly sized pot.


When choosing the color of a pot, try to find a pot that mimics a color found in your bonsai. Whether that color is in the bark, the flowers, or the leaves, doing this will help create a cohesive image. If you are having trouble choosing a pot, earth tones like green, brown, and grey work with almost any tree. If you want to create a nice contrast, though, you can place your tree in a bold blue bonsai pot. However, if you have a tree whose leaves change color in the fall, it can be a nice touch to play on this in your pot choice. For example, potting a Japanese Maple in a bonsai pot with a reddish hue can serve as a contrast while the tree’s leaves are green and a complement when they turn red in the fall.

The ultimate goal is to choose a pot that creates a good flow with your bonsai. Study your bonsai’s personality and consider if this particular tree should feature a contrasting pot color or something more similar to the tree itself.


In general, you want your pot to be about ⅔ the width of the tree. If you have a large bonsai in a tiny pot, it will look unbalanced. On the other hand, if you have a small bonsai in a large pot, the bonsai will look much less impressive. After all, the bonsai should be the star of the show and the pot is a supporting character.

Feminine Vs. Masculine

Bonsai trees are typically identified as either masculine or feminine. While trees do not have a literal gender, you can look at the features of the tree to decide if it exudes masculinity or femininity and choose a pot that reflects this. When it comes to bonsai, straight trunks, powerful roots, sharp or angular movements, old or dead bark, and thick foliage are considered to be male traits. On the converse, sweeping and graceful trunks, thin trunks with soft roots, soft or sparse foliage, flowers or fruits, and smooth bark are regarded as female characteristics.

Take a few minutes to sit with your tree and analyze which characteristics you see in it and let those help you choose the perfect pot. Masculine pots are angular with sharp corners, straight lines, and dark or metallic colors. Feminine pots are curved and rounded, have decorative designs, and are typically glazed and feature light or bright colors.


At the end of the day, the last thing you want is a personality clash between your tree and your pot. The above guidelines are only suggestions, and ultimately, you will know when your tree is in the right pot. For example, if your tree is very whimsical and free-spirited, it might pair well with our crescent moon bonsai pot. On the other hand, a stoic bonsai forest might look nicer in a no-fuss pot like this Yamaaki bonsai pot.

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When choosing a pot for your bonsai, be sure to choose one that is durable and expertly made specifically for bonsai. Cheap pots can easily break, meaning you will need to put your bonsai through the stress of being repotted too soon. At Clark M Long Biogold Original, we only sell the best bonsai pots and ship them safely to your door. Check out our collection today!