Bonsai Aesthetics For Raising Beautiful Trees

Bonsai is an art form. Just like any other art, there are certain elements that are considered ‘correct’, and others that are not recommended for bonsai. These guidelines are just that — guidelines. Rules are meant to be broken, but if you are to display your bonsai professionally, following bonsai aesthetic can increase your chances…read more

Common Mistakes Beginner Bonsai Growers Make And How To Avoid Them

Growing your first bonsai is an exciting endeavor. Perhaps you were inspired by a gorgeous mature bonsai with flowing branches and beautifully shaped twists and turns, or maybe you are looking to take your green thumb beyond the garden bed. There are a number of reasons why someone might take up the art of bonsai,…read more

Why Bonsai Growers Love Biogold Original Bonsai Fertilizer

Bonsai trees are like a piece of artwork. The more beautiful the bonsai is, the more it is worth both monetarily speaking and sentimentally. The same goes for age. A one-hundred-year-old unique painting that is sold long after an artist is gone is worth exponentially more than a mass-produced painting. When well-cultivated and cared for…read more

Learn About Fertilizer NPK Value

Here at Clark M Long Biogold Original, we specialize in fertilizer for bonsai and other plants. Many people are unsure how to choose the best organic fertilizer when they go to their local garden store and see a wall of options in front of them. Thankfully, fertilizer doesn’t have to be confusing! Fertilizer should be…read more

Bonsai For Beginners

We get many questions here at Biogold Original about how to grow bonsais. There are a lot of tricks to growing these beautiful little trees, more than we could ever summarize in a blog. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t try! Bonsai art is just that, art. And, like all art forms, it takes time…read more

The History Of The Bonsai Tree

The bonsai tree has become an icon of Japanese culture, but where did it come from? How did these spectacularly twisted, petite, potted trees become commonplace in every plant nursery? Can something so beautiful be natural, or has man intervened? In today’s blog, the bonsai experts at Biogold Original are here to discuss the rich…read more