Biogold Fertilizer FAQs

With a garden and bonsai fertilizer option as versatile and incredible as Biogold, it’s only natural you have a few questions. If we don’t answer your question below, feel free to reach out and ask.

Can I use Biogold on all my plants?

You absolutely can! Biogold is suitable for all types of plants. With a careful focus on nutrients, vitamins, and mineral balance, your plants will have everything they need to grow stronger with this organic fertilizer.

Should I combine Biogold with other fertilizers?

We are so confident in Biogold’s ability to meet all your needs that we do not recommend combining this product with other fertilizers. It will not harm your plant, but it will harm your wallet to buy unnecessary fertilizer!

What ingredients are in Biogold fertilizer?

We make sure to include a full range of nutrients in order to give our plants the best. With calcium, magnesium, natural vitamins, and other minerals, this formula was designed to use only organic matter to promote growth and health. We believe in being kind to the environment and one way we do that is by offering fully organic fertilizer.

Will Biogold attract insects?

Not at all. Biogold is clean to use and does not attract slugs, snails, or insects. Any small odor you detect initially fades quickly after watering it the first time.

To learn more about Biogold, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Clark M Long Biogold Original is your premier choice when it comes to finding top quality fertilizer at affordable prices. We look forward to shaping and guiding your garden toward new, stronger growth. Shop our collection of Biogold fertilizer products today!