Biogold Classic “Motohi”


This fully organic plant fertilizer is perfect for all types of plants, both potted and in the garden!

  • Organic fertilizer and growth stimulant in one
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Perfect for repotting time
  • Base dressing – mix with your potting soil

Biogold Classic Motohi has been designed as a base dressing fertilizer so that it can be mixed with your potting soil. One of its key properties is to stimulate root growth, making it an ideal addition to potting compost at repotting time.

Most potting soils benefit from the inclusion of some organic matter. By adding Biogold Classic Motohi to your soil, not only will it supply vital nutrients, but you will also provide an important source of organic matter to improve the soil texture and quality overall. This improvement to the soil will encourage the retention and transfer of nutrients, which encourages a healthier root system. Best of all, this 100% organic fertilizer poses no threat to the roots of the plants! This makes the perfect bonsai fertilizer, or use it in your garden!

  • Available in 1.3kg or 3.2kg bags
  • N-2, P-8, K-4

Directions: Mix Motohi with your potting soil when you are potting plants at a rate of 15-20% by volume.


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