Biogold Original Fertilizer


This organic fertilizer can be used in your vegetable garden, with indoor and outdoor plants, and of course, bonsai!

  • 100% organic fertilizer
  • Best fertilizer for bonsai
  • Slow-release over 45-50 days
  • Can be used as pellets or diluted in water

Our most popular product and the star of our business, Biogold Original Fertilizer is a worldwide favorite. We’ve found that our customers love the organic ingredients that make it a safe option to use on all kinds of plants. Whether you have an outdoor garden or an indoor container setup, Biogold Original is the perfect choice to keep your plants thriving. Amateur and professional growers alike compliment its ideal balance of major nutrients with the right mixture of vitamins and minerals. We know this is the perfect top dressing fertilizer for you.

  • N-5.5, P-6.5, K-3.5
  • Available in 900g, 2.4kg, and 5kg bags



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How do I use Biogold Original Organic Fertilizer?

There are two types of applications to choose from when using Biogold Original. The first is pellets, which can be placed right onto the soil around the root area whether you are using this as an organic garden fertilizer or specifically as a bonsai tree fertilizer. These pellets slowly release all the nutrients over a period of 45-50 days. When this time is up, simply replace the old pellets with new ones. The second type of plant and bonsai feed is a liquid feed. Simply dilute some pieces in the water and allow them to dissolve for about a week. Just be sure to use your newly created liquid feed within a month to ensure the top delivery of nutrients.

If you are ready to give your plants the best possible treatment, it’s time to contact the professionals. At Clark M Long Biogold Original, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices and same-day shipping to our customers or Biogold products and other products your plants love. That’s what makes us a favorite when it comes to finding quality organic garden fertilizer and fertilizer for bonsai. Shop today for yours!


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