Biogold “Vital”


This powerful and organic liquid plant growth stimulant is perfect for all types of plants.

  • Organic plant growth stimulant
  • Perfect for gardens and potted plants
  • Increases plant’s metabolic rate
  • Improves disease resistance

A fully organic liquid plant growth stimulant whose principal function is to increase the plant’s metabolic rate, which improves disease resistance as well as assists with the healthy development of roots and leaves.

Unlike the Biogold Original Organic Fertilizer, Biogold Vital is not a fertilizer, but a growth stimulant for plants that has been formulated for all kinds of plants whether grown in the garden or in a container. It is made of a natural formulation of amino acids and vitamins and is available as a concentrated liquid suitable for all types of plants

Use when planting, repotting, transplanting, taking cuttings and on weakened plants! As vigor and disease resistant improves you will soon notice that plants do not require other chemical treatments to combat infection.

  • Concentrated liquid – mix with water
  • Mix 1 capful with one gallon of water

Directions: 1-cap full (1/2 oz.) per gallon. Pour thoroughly over plants. Saturate soil well / spray over the plant as a foliage feed after diluting the recommended rate.



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