Fuji Black Sand


This black Fuji sand increases the paramagnetic value of your garden and bonsai soil mix!

  • Ideal soil amendment for bonsai
  • High CGS paramagnetic value
  • Improves soil quality
  • Improves energy flow

This black Fuji sand from Japan has a very high CGS paramagnetic value, meaning it helps the soil to gather electromagnetic energy from the cosmos. As a soil conditioner, this leads to better water retention, increased microbial development, better utilization of nutrients, and increased plant growth. Add this soil amendment to your bonsai mix to create a high-quality volcanic soil mixture that has what your plant craves. Get yours today!

  • Black volcanic sand
  • Fuji sand is direct from Japan
  • Medium-size, ¼”
  • Bag size: 10L
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Weight 17000 g


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