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One of our most popular offerings is Kotobuki Akadama. Akadama is one of the most important components of bonsai soil. All throughout Japan, bonsai growers use this potting medium for both their bonsais and their general gardening needs. “Akadama” is Japanese for “red ball,” which is a reference to the color and shape of the product. The balls are made from volcanic clay that has been mined and baked to reach a desired hardness.

Why is Akadama used for soil?

Akadama works wonder for bonsais due to its ability to retain water and drain well. To add onto these benefits, Akadama breaks down well over time. When transplanting a bonsai, it is essential that any cut roots get well-draining soil to encourage new root growth. In these conditions, the roots recover well from the stress of repotting.

As the Akadama breaks down and the roots fill the pot, the drainage will slow. Keep your bonsai happy by periodically repotting it into new Akadama. While this soil type can be challenging to find, Clark M Long is proud to offer Kotobuki Akadama to ensure the health and wellbeing of all bonsai trees. Reach out to us today to order yours! We offer small, medium, and large bags to meet your needs.

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