Masakuni Watering Nozzle


Give your plants the water they need without harming them with this fine mist hose attachment.

  • Small water exit holes for a gentle stream
  • Does not cause soil erosion
  • Perfect for potted and garden plants
  • Must-have for bonsai growers

Every bonsai grower knows the importance of delivering enough water to your plant without eroding the soil you so carefully shaped. This Masakuni watering nozzle, straight from Japan, delivers a steady yet gentle stream of water, making watering your collection a breeze. This is perfect for any bonsai professional, hobbyist, or gardener who needs a quality watering nozzle that is gentle and effective. Get your bonsai watering nozzle today, another in the great line of Masakuni bonsai tools and supplies!

  • Length: 11”
  • Fine mist spray
  • Free Shipping!

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