Super Biogold


This organic flower fertilizer will have your roses flourishing and your orchids standing strong!

  • Fertilizer for flowering plants
  • See an increase in bud and flower quantity
  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Organic and full of nutrients flowers love

Super Biogold is a 100% organic fertilizer for the use as a top dressing fertilizer on all types of flowering plants. The beneficial qualities of this organic flower fertilizer are widely recognized in the industry. Based on one of the most popular bonsai fertilizers on the market, Super Biogold has been specifically formulated and strengthened with ingredients that flowers crave, making it the best fertilizer for orchids, roses, and other flowering plants.

  • Non-toxic to you and your pets
  • N-5, P-8, K-5

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Because Super Biogold breaks down gently and naturally over a period of weeks, there will be a slow release of nutrients to deliver exactly the right amount of fertilizer to keep your flowering plants healthy.

Super Biogold has been enriched with pyroligneous acid from charcoal, chitosan, minerals and natural vitamins. The combination of these fully organic ingredients will promote a healthier root system and also encourage more vigorous growth.

Chitosan is an important active ingredient included in Super Biogold. It is a linear polysaccharide which is a substance derived from the shells of crustaceans. It is widely recognized as a growth enhancer and also improves a plant’s ability to defend against fungal infections.

It will also encourage the plants growing tips to grow away strongly, and because it has been manufactured from entirely organic materials, plants will absorb the nutrients through the root system quickly and naturally. The results will be noticeable improvements in flower color and foliage. It’s 100% natural and organic ingredients make it kinder to the environment. Non-toxic to you and pets.


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