What is Biogold?

Biogold is classified as a fertilizer, but it isn’t just any fertilizer! The manufacturing process and specific blend of nutrients combine to produce a formula unlike any other that gardeners have ever seen. So how did Biogold become such an essential part of a healthy garden?

Biogold began when there was a mission to save a group of old, weakened, and dying pine trees located in a famous Japanese park. The team knew the roots had to be saved first, so Biogold began working to produce a tree growth stimulant that would not only encourage the bio-organisms in the soil but also promote new root growth within the weakened root ball. While many thought it was too late to save the trees, they were wrong. The trees recovered stronger than ever!

Once Biogold noticed how successful their treatment was, they began to experiment with formulas that could help other types of plants with different nutrient needs. This time spent studying and formulating new fertilizers has allowed Biogold to offer a wide selection of products to meet every grower’s needs. While working closely with those in the agriculture, horticulture, and green keeping industries, they’ve formed a product with endless, measurable results.

It is our pleasure at Clark M Long Biogold Original to offer the best Biogold products to you. Our line of products currently includes organic fertilizer, soil additives, and more! Please reach out to us today and see the difference for yourself.